Cooperation Announcement

Lightning is honoured to announce strategic cooperation with Hacken, a leader in blockchain security.

This cooperation will allow our projects to strengthen their security by passing comprehensive audits performed by Hacken experts thereby boosting investors’ confidence.

For projects seeking incubation by Lightning, this means that your contracts will be thoroughly audited at the pre-launch phase to remove any potential threats that may affect your long-term success. After a successful audit, a project will get the “gold-standard” seal of approval that will be the eye-catching indicator of its reliability for investors and, thus, will boost their awareness about the product.


We are excited to announce our partnership with BSC News officially. BSC News is the leading media platform covering Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Together we will provide coverage for IDOs and work to bring transparency and awareness to BSC. This incredible service is complimentary and covered by Lightning as part of our incubation program.

For Projects

Projects that seek incubation through Lightning will have the opportunity to gain widespread exposure through BSC News coverage. This coverage informs, educates, and disseminates information with the global investment community, reaching hundreds of thousands of active investors. They also provide coverage…

While reviewing the applications for the Lightning Incubator, the team realized that there were a lot of good, profitable ideas that did not meet high standards for the Lightning Incubator. Many of these projects would provide a lot of value for investors, but they weren’t as unique as we would like. Further, many of these projects were almost ready to launch, but they did not have the resources to do it independently. Providing our services only to the highest quality projects seemed to miss many opportunities for our investors.

We present the Lightning Cross-Chain Launchpad for all blockchains to provide…

The Lightning Incubator is the first Decentralized Venture Capital (DeVC) ecosystem built on Binance Smart Chain.

We initially created the Incubator on the Binance blockchain, exclusively for Binance Smart Chain.

Our goals were simple: bring disruptive, innovative projects to BSC while revolutionizing the IDO experience for investors.

However, to be a truly Decentralized Venture Capital ecosystem, we need to embrace that first part: “decentralized.” To do that, we need to expand our horizons.

We are pleased to announce the next step for the Lightning Incubator and the Lightning DeVC ecosystem:

Cross-Chain IDOs

When looking at the holistic crypto landscape, countless blockchains are…

Introducing Marco Calicchia

We are excited to officially announce our new advisor, Marco Calicchia.

An industry expert, Marco is the Director of Business Development at CertiK, where he primarily focuses on the BSC ecosystem. He is truly a pioneer of the blockchain industry, where he has provided expert guidance since 2016. Marco has a remarkable resume; he founded the 2nd largest community management company, MaZee, during the height of ICOs. Additionally, he has advised over 20 successful projects on partnerships, growth, and security and raised over $500M during private sales.

Marco now serves as Lightning’s strategic advisor, where he provides professional guidance on…

The Lightning & CertiK Partnership

Lightning is excited to announce our partnership with the CertiK Foundation officially. CertiK is the leading blockchain security and auditing firm. Together we will ensure Investors’ safety on Binance Smart Chain.

To uphold Lightning’s dedication to security, we will provide BSC with projects that meet the highest security standards. All Lightning incubated projects will undergo CertiK’s comprehensive security and auditing processes. Further, all incubated projects will also get access to CertiK’s “SkyNet” service. These incredible services are complimentary and covered by Lightning as part of our incubation program.

Partnership Details

All Lightning Incubated IDOs must undergo security audits through our preferred partner…

The Lightning Incubator is the first Decentralized Venture Capital ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain.

We have developed a solution to incentivize and reward all token holders, provide tiered investors with reserved allocations, and keep the possible contributions sizeable and worthwhile.

The fundamental problems of existing IDO Launchpads are that tiers have a very high barrier to entry. Even if you do qualify for a high tier, your possible maximum contribution is still largely insignificant.

None of that is truly decentralized. It’s simply centralized around a minority of people who have very large funds.

Not only will The Lightning Incubator change…

Applying to the Lightning Incubator

Applications to the incubation program are now live. Applicants can submit proposals on our website.

To aid candidates in the application process, we have curated a submission composition guide and provided helpful evaluation tips. The following section is for applicants, or project founders, who wish to join the Lightning Incubator. Please read through this information carefully before applying.

Lightning VC Airdrop

Lightning stands in solidarity with those impacted by the $GOMIX and $FAIRMOON incidents. To support investors who lost funds to these projects, we are gifting a care package using our Team tokens. The Lightning Vampire Care AirDrop will distribute 1% of the total supply of the first Lightning Incubator IDO as an airdrop to wallets affected by these incidents. $GOMIX and $FAIRMOON exemplified the necessity for IDO trust-proofing and quality assurance. Among countless other scams and rugs, these situations demonstrate why Binance Smart Chain desperately needs an Incubator dedicated to trust-proofing.

The $GOMIX incident

Once a hyped and promising project, $GOMIX raised approximately…


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