Introducing the Lightning Cross-Chain Launchpad for non-incubated IDOs

While reviewing the applications for the Lightning Incubator, the team realized that there were a lot of good, profitable ideas that did not meet high standards for the Lightning Incubator. Many of these projects would provide a lot of value for investors, but they weren’t as unique as we would like. Further, many of these projects were almost ready to launch, but they did not have the resources to do it independently. Providing our services only to the highest quality projects seemed to miss many opportunities for our investors.

We present the Lightning Cross-Chain Launchpad for all blockchains to provide Light holders with more investment opportunities, even on the riskier side. The Launchpad is for non-incubated IDOs. These non-incubated IDOs will be distinctly separated from Lightning-Incubated projects and will not take anything away from the plans to release high-quality incubated projects.

In the early stages, every new chain is riddled with rugs and low-quality projects. We hope to improve the experience by making the space safer through our services. Our Launchpad IDOs require audits and locked liquidity, as a minimum. We do not provide these projects with the same perks that incubated projects receive. As such, we cannot assure the quality of the long-term project plans. The Lightning Launchpad is more suited for those with a higher risk tolerance so they can take calculated risk however they see fit, whilst ensuring security and protection from potentially malicious actors.

Light holder benefits of non-incubated Launchpad IDOs:

  • Early access to IDOs
  • IDO token airdrops for gold and diamond tier holders, respectively
  • 2-round presale:
  • Round 1: $LIGHT holders
  • Round 2: Public Presale
  • Secure IDOs through locked liquidity and mandatory audits

Essentially, $LIGHT investors have exclusive access to all non-incubated IDOs during the first round of the sale respective to their tiers contribution sizes. If the IDO doesn’t reach the hard cap during that initial period, round 2 opens and anyone can contribute.

Airdrops are conducted in the same manner as they are for Lightning Incubated IDOs. This means that 1% of the supply of every IDO will be airdropped to $LIGHT holders who qualify for the gold and diamond tier, in proportion to their holdings.

We are filling the unserved need for secure IDOs and Stealth Launches through the Lightning Cross-Chain Launchpad for non-incubated IDOs. Whilst serving the IDO experience across all blockchains and solving some of its problems, we also give $LIGHT holders the opportunity to invest in the non-incubated IDOs before the public can. We are anticipating that many non-incubated IDOs will conclude by meeting the hard cap during the 1st round. Furthermore, $LIGHT holders who qualify for gold and diamond tier will receive airdrops very frequently, due to the nature of openness that our Cross-Chain Launchpad provides.



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