Lightning Announcement — Board of Advisors

2 min readApr 22, 2021


Introducing Marco Calicchia

We are excited to officially announce our new advisor, Marco Calicchia.

An industry expert, Marco is the Director of Business Development at CertiK, where he primarily focuses on the BSC ecosystem. He is truly a pioneer of the blockchain industry, where he has provided expert guidance since 2016. Marco has a remarkable resume; he founded the 2nd largest community management company, MaZee, during the height of ICOs. Additionally, he has advised over 20 successful projects on partnerships, growth, and security and raised over $500M during private sales.

Marco now serves as Lightning’s strategic advisor, where he provides professional guidance on security and purposeful growth for Lightning incubated projects.

Moreover, he sees great potential and is committed to nurturing Lightning’s maturity and development. As an industry veteran, he enriches our network by assisting with strategic partnerships, marketing, and so much more.

We share an ambitious dream for the future of the Binance Smart Chain. We are joining forces to make this vision a reality, all while maximizing value, security, and innovation for investors and projects alike.

A Word From Marco

“I joined Lightning Incubator as for me it’s always been a passion to help new projects get up to speed and succeed in the crypto space. With the current growth of BSC projects, we currently lack incubators in the market that can really help connect them with services and provide strong advisory support, which is what I believe Lightning can bring to the market. The team will do very well with their strong understanding of this community!”

A Word From The Founder

“I’m personally honoured to have Marco join Lightning’s board of advisors. His knowledge and expertise are profound, and every time we talk, it is clear that we share an identical vision for BSC. Without a doubt, I believe that we will revolutionize this industry together by bringing groundbreaking projects of the highest quality to the forefront of Binance Smart Chain.”