Lightning — Development Updates

2 min readAug 26, 2021


Development Updates

In this article, you will find information related to current developments and some insights into future products.

We are working hard on the launchpad, improving the existing elements and adding the new features we have all been looking for. Minor updates include updating the PancakeSwap buy link to direct users properly and streamline the buying process. Additionally, we have modified the text of successful pools from “Closed” to “Filled” to provide greater clarity about the state of the pools. Further, we resolved the issue regarding failed transactions for incubated pool contributions; we completed this previously, but repeated questions around this prompted us to reiterate that the problem has been identified and fixed.

Improvements are underway on the API backend for the launchpad UI for incubated pools. As a result, there may be slight changes to the appearance of the incubated pool UI, but the changes will be mainly around functionality and will not be readily visible to end-users. We designed these changes to provide a smooth and responsive user experience during incubated pool launches while the site is under load.

A new API backend has been written for non-incubated pools, bringing the deployment a significant step closer to fruition. With the backend undergoing testing, we are finishing the UI dialog for developers to create non-incubated pools for launch on the self-service launchpad. Additionally, we completed all smart contracts for the self-service launchpad and are going through extensive testing to ensure full functionality. Once we have completed the thorough testing and applied the finishing touches, we will deploy open pools, where anyone can create a presale on multiple chains. These are significant steps forward on the path to completing this portion of the larger project.

General Updates

On the non-technical side, we have started to reach out to more projects for incubated and open pools. Additionally, we recently expanded our board of advisors with a well-connected and experienced industry expert from Russia. As a result, we have already received more quality applications referred by him; some are in the process of incubation and preparation.

With regards to marketing, we also expanded our network of KOLs and are continuing to do so. To give you an idea, we are currently in the process of leveraging a marketing agency for cryptocurrencies.

Marketing is one of the areas where we are increasing focus and investments.