Lightning Incubator Submissions

Applying to the Lightning Incubator

Applications to the incubation program are now live. Applicants can submit proposals on our website.

How to apply to the Lightning Incubator

Candidates must compose applications correctly to qualify for the Lightning Incubator. All mandatory fields are marked with an *; the remaining fields are optional. Applicants are encouraged to deliver a thorough yet concise project pitch. We are searching for imaginative founders with inventive, contrarian ideas and a strong vision. Essentially, we hope to see ideas that sound outlandish but are actually brilliant.

Lightning — Project Hunt

Our vision is to foster innovative projects on Binance Smart Chain. To aid with our incubation program, Lightning is hosting a Project Hunt competition. Winners of the competition shall be rewarded with a prize pool and acceptance into the Lightning Incubator.

Binance Smart Chain — Deflationary Supply Elasticity Token

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