Lightning Incubator — The Next Step

The Lightning Incubator is the first Decentralized Venture Capital (DeVC) ecosystem built on Binance Smart Chain.

We initially created the Incubator on the Binance blockchain, exclusively for Binance Smart Chain.

Our goals were simple: bring disruptive, innovative projects to BSC while revolutionizing the IDO experience for investors.

However, to be a truly Decentralized Venture Capital ecosystem, we need to embrace that first part: “decentralized.” To do that, we need to expand our horizons.

We are pleased to announce the next step for the Lightning Incubator and the Lightning DeVC ecosystem:

Cross-Chain IDOs

Enter The Lightning Cross-chain Incubator and Launchpad.

Benefits to holders

Benefits to Projects

This community helps to remove the barriers to entry for some nascent blockchains by providing projects with access to fair, fast, and open liquidity generation via our native, integrated launchpad.

With this announcement, Lightning continues to deliver its goal to be the only truly Decentralized Venture Capital ecosystem.

Binance Smart Chain — Deflationary Supply Elasticity Token

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