Lightning Private Pools

2 min readSep 16, 2021


Introducing Private Pools/Private Rounds

We are excited to announce the newest addition to the Lightning ecosystem, Private Pools. Private Pools are essentially Private Sales or Seed Sales. As opposed to IDOs, or Incubated Pools and Open Pools, the price is significantly lower and comes with a longer vesting period. It is also more exclusive than both Incubated and Open Pools. In terms of our involvement, it is right on par with Incubated Pools. We are tightly connected with projects that conduct their Private Sale or Seed Sale through Lightning. As such, we offer advisory services along with all other benefits that the Incubator has to offer.

Access to Private Pools

Since Private Pools are inherently more valuable than regular IDOs, their exclusivity is also slightly altered. Participants who don’t qualify for a tier according to our tier system cannot contribute to the pool.

This newest addition employs a system that we call the “Laddered Contribution System”, which essentially means that the rounds open in tier order instead of simultaneously.
In contrast to Incubated Pools, Private Pools are accessible to each tier in a separate round. If the raise fills during any round of one of the four tiers, later rounds do not open for the lower tiers. For any Private Pool, diamond holders can participate first, followed by gold, silver, and bronze, each having a certain time period of possible contribution. If a Private Pool is filled during the diamond round, rounds for lower tiers do not open as there is no more available supply for the Private Pool. The same goes for any other tier, hence “Laddered Contribution System”. This structure is designed to give greater benefit to higher tiers while still maintaining a theoretical possibility of lower tiers participating in any Private Pool.