Lightning — Tiered IDO Structure

The Lightning Incubator is the first Decentralized Venture Capital ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain.

We have developed a solution to incentivize and reward all token holders, provide tiered investors with reserved allocations, and keep the possible contributions sizeable and worthwhile.

The fundamental problems of existing IDO Launchpads are that tiers have a very high barrier to entry. Even if you do qualify for a high tier, your possible maximum contribution is still largely insignificant.

None of that is truly decentralized. It’s simply centralized around a minority of people who have very large funds.

Not only will The Lightning Incubator change the BSC landscape, but our integrated Launchpad will also innovate and solve many existing problems that current Launchpads fail to address. Namely, Lightning reserves allocations for tiers, giving all tiers a fair chance while ensuring that higher tiers are still rewarded proportionally to their investment.

The Lightning Incubator Launchpad works through a two-round system that reserves every tier level an allocation during the first round, while the second round is entirely open.

The Lightning Incubator Tier Structure

The following graphic showcases the tier structure of Lightning Incubated IDOs.

The Lightning Incubated IDO Allocation Rounds

We are presenting The Lightning Incubator Allocation Rounds to solve problems and pitfalls of current Launchpads on BSC.

To put this into perspective, each tier will have their own reserved allocation. Diamond will have 40%, Gold will have 30%, Silver will have 20%, and Bronze will have 10%, respectively.

Furthermore, if the IDO doesn’t sell out during the first round, the remaining hardcap will be accessible to all tiers, respective to their maximum contribution sizes.

With the introduction of our refreshed tier structure and newly introduced reserved allocation rounds, we have taken another step towards our goal: a fairer, safer and more rewarding IDO experience for investors.





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