Lightning Vampire Care Airdrop

Lightning VC Airdrop

Lightning stands in solidarity with those impacted by the $GOMIX and $FAIRMOON incidents. To support investors who lost funds to these projects, we are gifting a care package using our Team tokens. The Lightning Vampire Care AirDrop will distribute 1% of the total supply of the first Lightning Incubator IDO as an airdrop to wallets affected by these incidents. $GOMIX and $FAIRMOON exemplified the necessity for IDO trust-proofing and quality assurance. Among countless other scams and rugs, these situations demonstrate why Binance Smart Chain desperately needs an Incubator dedicated to trust-proofing.

The $GOMIX incident

Once a hyped and promising project, $GOMIX raised approximately $1,500,000 for their presale. In the project’s fall from grace, the team faced a barrage of controversies ranging from undelivered tokens to intentional fraud and theft allegations.

The $FAIRMOON incident

The $FAIRMOON incident is currently unfolding, and many facts are still surfacing. Presently, the project faces allegations that the team made a mistake that led to a compromised contract. Before disclosing this problem to investors, the team allegedly warned a handful of whales; then, all dumped their tokens.

Lightning VC Airdrop

Accessibility is undoubtedly one of the best features of Decentralized Exchanges. However, this accessibility introduces additional risk for investors. Nowadays, anyone can create a Token and complete presale, all while skipping KYC, audits, and other essential security measures. It is shameful that so many lost their capital to this debacle, but we are here to help.


To receive the Lightning Vampire Care Airdrop, those impacted by the incident must complete our Google Form, including their wallet address and the interaction’s transaction ID for the $GOMIX or $FAIRMOON contract. This step helps ensure that only those affected receive the care package.


The Lightning Incubator seeks to incubate projects with vision and disruptive ideas. Every project that seeks incubation undergoes mandatory internal KYC and contract audits. This requirement ensures the security of investors for every project that Lightning incubates.

Lightning Vampire Care AirDrop

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