Lightning Vetted Pool — Arata

2 min readSep 26, 2021

We are pleased to announce the final details for the launch of Arata. Arata is gaming, anime, and an NFT marketplace operating on the Binance Smart Chain. Arata will host a variety of games that use and reward NFTs as in-game items that can be exchanged or sold on their site, and can be earned through play or through staking and purchase. They will host an Over-The-Table Anime streaming service that will have both original works from artists that Arata will incubate as well as licensed work from large studios. The NFT marketplace will use both original NFT art from independent artists as well as items from the games hosted on the platform.

Arata is an exciting project that will foster new and existing artists and allow them to retain creative control over their work while monetizing their creations. Users of Arata will be able to engage with their favorite artists and fellow gamers while taking advantage of the chance to earn simply for playing games and watching anime.

Arata is launching as an Open Pool, and as such standard Open Pool rules will apply. Each tier has the usual allocation and will be FCFS within your tier. Simply connect to the Lightning website and you will be placed in the correct tier. The total raise will be $300,000 and the raise will be in BNB.

For more information about Arata, see their website at

The sale will begin at 20:00 UTC on 25 September 2021.