Lightning Vetted Pool — Blizzard, Yield Aggregator on Avalanche

2 min readSep 17, 2021

Blizzard Vetted Pool — 18.09. 18:00 UTC — $300,000

We are excited to announce the final details for the Vetted Pool launching Blizzard, a yield aggregator on the Avalanche Network. Blizzard operates by auto compounding your investments on the Avalanche chain, leading to optimal growth curves with minimal fuss.

Further, staking $BLIZZ in their vaults will reward holders in $AVAX.

More details can be found at:

The raise through the Lightning Pool will total $300,000 and the pool will open for contributions at 18:00 UTC.
The initial sale price per $BLIZZ token will be $0.50. The market cap at listing will be $360,000.

Lightning’s Airdrop for Diamond and Gold Holders will be 1% of the total supply of $BLIZZ. These tokens will be distributed 15–30 days after listing. Airdrops will be calculated through a snapshot of Lighting holders at the time of the pool launch, which will be compared to a snapshot of Lightning holders at the time of the airdrop. Selling your Light or downgrading your tier will result in forfeiting your airdrop. Upgrading your tier after the initial snapshot will not increase your allocation for these tokens, but will make you eligible for future airdrops.

The funds for this pool will be collected on the Binance Smart Chain, but the listing and distribution of $BLIZZ tokens will be on Avalanche C-Chain. The token needed to participate in the pool is BNB.

You will need gas on the Avalanche chain to interact with your tokens, as with any other chain, but you do not need to preload gas onto the network to receive your purchased tokens through the Lightning pool.

This pool will launch on September 18 at 18:00 UTC. Connect your wallet to to participate in this exciting opportunity.