Lightning’s Vetted Pool — Robinos

2 min readOct 6, 2021

We are excited to share the final details for the Robinos pool.

Robinos is a tokenized prediction platform for all investors, stay-home traders, and sports fans. The sports will include the thriving sector of e-sports as well, making Robinos one of the most innovative platforms available. Further, they dedicated themselves to truly decentralize their platform in terms of profit made by Robinos. Within 6 months, Robinos plans to share their platform profits with LPs and Stakers, making it the purest form of decentralized finance.

At first glance, Robinos will easily be perceived as a sportsbook alternative. With all the sporting events, predictions, and so on, it’s no doubt that the perception is there.

But what Robinos wants to set out and achieve is much bigger than simply getting gamblers onboard.

By tokenizing the represented/team tokens, we’re allowing these tokens to be freely tradeable on a DEX over the span of the season, or the tournament itself. In this manner, the result of each game in a season may not necessarily seal the win or lose of your decision.
However, the result of each game can affect the chances of a team reaching a targeted position at the end of the season. And these results can be a good indicator of the position of each represented/team token available, making them tradeable based on the chances of finishing at a targeted position.
To level the playing field, we’re enabling retail traders to trade on the team performances, and even predict the expected performance like an avid sports fan. Instead of reading quarterly reports from the publicly traded companies which you don’t really have a clue about, why not read up about your favorite team news and trade on that knowledge.

That is how we’re going to level the playing field once and for all!

The Lighting Pool will kick off at 8PM UTC. The raise will be $550,000. Contributions are made in BNB on the BSC network, distribution of $RBN tokens will be on the Polygon network.
The listing will be approximately 1–4 hours after the Pool is concluded and all tokens will be distributed automatically to your address on the Polygon network.

Distribution will be on a set schedule of vesting.
25% of pool funds will be available as soon as the liquidity is locked and the token is launched.
On the first of each month, for five months, 15% of the pool funds will be released to Lightning investors.

The initial market cap will be under $200,000 as a result of this schedule.
Stake your allocation and see the results of your prediction with Robinos and Lightning.