Partnership Announcement — Lightning x CertiK

The Lightning & CertiK Partnership

Lightning is excited to announce our partnership with the CertiK Foundation officially. CertiK is the leading blockchain security and auditing firm. Together we will ensure Investors’ safety on Binance Smart Chain.

Partnership Details

All Lightning Incubated IDOs must undergo security audits through our preferred partner, CertiK. Additionally, CertiK will audit our native Launchpad and examine its smart contracts before launching the inaugural Lightning incubated IDO.

For Projects

Projects that seek incubation through Lightning will have their code thoroughly audited pre-launch to remove any potential vulnerabilities. This audit helps us secure projects’ long-term potential. It also means projects will receive the “gold-standard” seal of approval after a successful audit, boosting investors’ confidence and project awareness.

For Investors

Our partnership with CertiK further solidifies our focus on bringing investors the safest, highest quality IDOs possible on the Binance Smart Chain. This is our vision for the future of BSC and the Lightning Incubator itself.

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