Staking and “The Equalizer”

2 min readSep 7, 2021

Staking is coming to Lightning! Starting next week, after a tokenomics upgrade to Phase II, all Light holders will be able to stake their Lightning Tokens to earn rewards. Single asset staking and liquidity pair staking will be supported, with rewards paid in BNB. The rewards will partially come from a share of the fees the platform charges from projects launched through Incubated Pools and Open Pools and partially through a mechanism introduced with the upgraded tokenomics.

There will also be a major change in the way the protocol operates to create this new feature. The dynamic tax and rebase system is coming to an end. The token will switch to a static tax, most of which will be used for staking rewards.

The DeFi architecture has been conceptualized for months, and the deflationary nature of Light will remain. However, a new system will be implemented. This system, dubbed “The Equalizer” will have a triple effect of buybacks, burn, and liquidity generation. A new contract will go live that will hold a large amount of Light and stake it alongside the holder’s tokens. The staking rewards from this contract will be used to buy more Light and put it in The Equalizer’s own stake, compounding automatically. This will have a deflationary effect on the protocol as the Light it buys will not leave the contract or be available on the open market. This is superior to a traditional buyback and burn method from a technical standpoint, as the Light The Equalizer purchases, will not be destroyed, it will have essentially the same effect and occur continuously and automatically through a smart contract. We believe that this method is superior to burns, as the tokens removed from circulation will continue to work for the benefit of the entire protocol. Liquidity addition will occur through the BNB; this contract will pump into the system through the buys it makes from its own rewards. This continuous feedback loop will reinforce the strength of the entire Lightning ecosystem by creating buy pressure, deflationary trends, and liquidity generation, all in one self-sustaining system.

Upcoming Pools

We have confirmed new Open Pools for September.

Robinos has committed to launching through Lightning in the gaming and sports betting space.

Another 2 projects have confirmed their launch through Open Pools on BSC and AVAX, respectively.

Another two projects are in the late onboarding phase, both with targets of 2–3 months.